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A kind letter from Jake's boss.  

Dear Kids Country Staff,

It is 2011 in case you have been hibernating lately and missed the New Year!

I wanted to send you a nice heart felt quote for the New Year. In my search on line I found nothing!

I thought to myself that must be a sign that I needed to send a message to you straight from my heart!

Christmas and the break from work was bittersweet for me. I think 2010 will always be a year that reminds me of my purpose in life. I was so blessed to spend time with Jake Cavanaugh and his family and friends. The occasion was very sad as we were preparing to see Jake go. For me personally, it was bittersweet. Saying good-bye will always be the bitter of the story. Bitter that will never leave me. Sweet are the conversations that I had with Jake. Those will be with me always and will help me to swallow the bitter. I experienced many beautiful moments with Jake as he spoke honestly about the death that he was facing. In our conversations I was reminded that gentleness is achievable and desirable. Jake was so gentle with his family and friends throughout his life and during his recent battle. He made gentleness look easy. He helped me see that I must always pursue gentleness and let it be something evident to all I encounter. If I am gentle, others may want to or choose to spend time in knowing me. In these relationships, I am able to share my story and purpose in living.          
--------Thank you Jake for being gentle -------

I hope that each of you are reminded of your purpose. Life is most joyful when we understand our purpose and live it.

Have a wonderful New Year and thanks for all you do for the kids, families and staff you encounter at Kids Country!




Jake with staff
Jake with child
Jake with child
Jake with child
Jake with child

Jake’s Award

Each year Kids Country holds an End of the Year Awards celebration to recognize outstanding staff members and celebrate the year’s success stories.  Staff members are given the opportunity to nominate their co-workers and peers for each category. Jake was awarded Mr. Energizer of the Year Award for 2010 – 2011. 

and Jake DID